Automotive Production Engineering Unified Perspective based on Data Mining Methods and Virtual Factory Model

International Seminar
"International Seminar on Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Methods
for Automotive Systems"

Gliwice, 26th November 2015  

Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
of The Silesian University of Technology,

Seminar will be organized under the project:
„Automotive Production Engineering Unified Perspective based on Data Mining Methods and Virtual Factory Model”, acronym: AutoUniMo


AutoUniMo Open Day (Hall - First Floor):

10:00 – 12.30 Presentation of research conducted within the project (real devices of working laboratory):

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (EMBA 2.0)
  • Energy Efficient Production (DC 40)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (Mobile platform)
  • Digital Factory Model

Seminar part (Lecture Hall A):

13:00 – 14:15 SESSION I

Student Workshops:

  • Architecture of a Simple Autonomous Mobile Platform, Adam Piech, Sebastian Kłak
  • Sensors for the mobile platform – connection and data acquisition, Łukasz Szczepański, Wojciech Czernek, Krzysztof Wosik
  • Use of script languages in embedded applications, Wojciech Michna
  • Software application that prepares the route for the mobile platform, Patryk Rejchert
  • Project evolution concepts and future challenges, Adam Piech, Sebastian Kłak, Michał Mączka, Paweł Rybka
  • Study of the possibility of using artificial neural networks to control the mobile platform, Michał Kordys

14:30 – 15:30 SESSION II

Official opening of the Seminar, Joanna Polańska, Vice Dean of Faculty  

  • AutoUniMo project presentation, Rafał Cupek, Project Coordinator, SUT

Research results presentations:  

  • WP1 Manufacturing Execution System for Short Series Production Support, Huseyin Erdogan, CONTI
  • WP2 Energy Efficient Production Systems’ Design for Automotive Industry, Dariusz Zonenberg, AIUT
  • WP3 Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Adam Ziębiński, SUT
  • WP4 Digital factory model for automotive production, Markus Bregulla, THI

15:30 – 16:00 Break

16:00 – 19:00 SESSION III

Research presentations conducted by the project participants:         

  • Agent Based Manufacturing Execution System, Łukasz Huczała, SUT          
  • Differences and various applications of advanced driver assistance systems, Sonja Waechter, CONTI
  • Lidar simulation in CANoe, Marek Drewniak, Michał Kruk, SUT
  • Analysis of energy consumed by production stand in work cycle, Marek Drewniak, AIUT
  • OPC UA – A Holistic Information Model Approach, Suprateek Banerjee, THI
  • ANSI/ISA95 as a flexible and LEAN standard for Manufacturing Execution Systems, Szymon Ziemek, SUT
  • Industry data creation and storage problem. Concept proposal and analysis, Jakub Piekarz, THI

Working language: English.



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